Part 3 – Caring for Aging Parents

Last in a 3-part series from the archives of January 2017.

In earlier editions of TGIF 2 Minutes I delved into the topic of “Caring For Aging Parents”. It may seem like overkill to read a “Part 3”, but ask anyone who is in the midst of coordinating care for a parent or spouse if they wish they had gotten advice sooner. Heck, these days even neighbors and friends are enlisted to check in on a 93-year old down the street. Experts in long-term care insurance cite the emotional strain on family members — that can leave a family member or friend in need of serious or costly medical care for themselves after years of caring for others.

Luck vs. Skill – Buchan’s Blog August 2018

Luck versus skill. I talk about this a great deal as it relates to investing, but today I want to write quickly about my life, how incredibly lucky I am to be where I am today and three of my most important mentors/influencers that helped get me here.

It was 2006, I was 32 years old, working at as an Equities Trader in downtown Manhattan. While I could say I was moderately successful in my first decade in the “real world,” I was also very much a lost soul, knowing my current career was on its path to being obsolete (with advances in computerized high frequency trading) but, more importantly, realizing that what I was doing with my life was in no shape personally fulfilling.