Nicolás Valdés-Fauli, a Certified Financial Planner in our New York City office,  was recently quoted in the following OppLoans article: 


Emergency Funds Are Important: Here’s How to Start Building One

Building and maintaining an emergency fund is an important financial cornerstone. If you don’t have one, you should start saving today.

There are keys to avoiding short-term bad credit loans like payday loans and cash advances. One is to maintain your credit score, the other is to build up your savings. And while a good credit score is important, its the savings that will really—well—save you!

Specifically, you should create a well-stocked emergency fund. That way, you can cover unforeseen bills and financial shortfalls instead of relying on bad credit loans and possibly entering a dangerous cycle of debt.

Rest assured: Financial surprises are going to happen, and you want to make sure that you’re prepared. That’s why we reached out to a number of financial experts who can explain how emergency funds work and how you can go about building one today.

What is an emergency fund?

Nicolás Valdés-Fauli is a Certified Financial Planner with Main Street Financial Solutions in New York City. He provided a general overview of how emergency funds work and the many benefits that they offer.

An Advisor Builds A Successful Business, One Income Stream At A Time


Some advisors carry an entrepreneurial gene. They are risk-takers who chart their own destiny by building a successful business from the ground up.

But they may not stop there. As much as they enjoy counseling clients on personal finance — and helping them plan for the future — restlessness can set in. Eager to tackle new challenges, they may launch side businesses while growing their advisory practice.

Take Brett Danko. In 2001, he opened a solo fee-only firm at age 33. At the same time, he wanted to teach adults to improve their financial literacy.

So he did both.

Running A Successful Business On Several Levels

Once he earned his certified financial planner (CFP®) credential in 2002, he expanded his teaching to include tutoring programs to help advisors pass the CFP® exam. He also entered the professional speaking circuit, addressing audiences on financial topics.

Today, Danko continues to run his successful business, Main Street Financial Solutions in Newtown, Pa. He also helps advisors prep for the CFP® exam.

In this interview with IBD, Danko, 51, discusses how he weathered his first year in business, how to be a successful entrepreneur and how he plotted the strategic growth of both his advisory firm and his other income-generating activities.

Main Street Financial Solutions launches a new website illustrating their value proposition for clients: “For All You Value.”

Newtown, Pa., May 15, 2018

Main Street Financial, founded by 25-year financial services veteran Brett R. Danko, serves the Northeast Region with a solid commitment to the value proposition or mission statement.

“We ensure excellence in financial planning by providing knowledgeable, insightful, customized recommendations in an unbiased, confidential and professional manner. Every action we take on a client’s behalf is based on a thorough understanding of all you value, all you hold dear, all that is important in your life and in the life of your family.”