Here we post items that will help you in the process of understanding our services and transitioning to becoming a client. If you have any issues using this page, or find a link is not working, email Thanks for checking us out and we look forward to working with you!

  1. Introduction to Our Company: a concise introduction to our office and a general overview of our services.
  2. Your Advisory Team: meet the people you’ll be relying on for advice and service.
  3. Form ADV and Brochure Supplement: our official, SEC mandated disclosures. Read these for the “fine print.”
  4. Things We Can Do For You: a high level overview of the services we offer.
  5. Trial Engagement Road Map: a step-by-step walkthrough of one of our most popular introductory offers.
  6. Capital Stewardship Advisory Account: a description of what it’s like to have us manage your assets as your fiduciary.
  7. Investment Philosophy General Principles: want to know how we invest, in great detail? Read this.
  8. Summary of Investment Philosophy: this is the much shorter, much simpler version of #7 the above.
  9. Our Partnership with Schwab: helps explain how independent registered investment advisors like us partner with Schwab to help clients.
  10. CFP® Board Code of Ethics: read the guidelines that we follow in our dealings with you.

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Sending Us Personal Data

  • Keeping Your Information Secure: cybersecurity is a top priority. Learn how you can help us protect your information.
  • Cipher Post Secure Messaging: use this link to send us documents of up to 15 pages via secure email. Request an invitation from us.
  • E Money Client Portal: it’s not required, but for a cool online experience, you can use our state-of-the-art Client Portal to link your outside accounts so we can see what’s in them; and upload all your documents to the client vault. Request an invitation from us. Check out these short instructions to learn more, or email for questions or a personal video tutorial:

Insurance Discussions

  1. Preparing for Your Life Insurance Discussion: if you’re going to talk to us about life insurance, read this first.
  2. Term4Sale: a third party website that provides instant online quotes for term insurance. Speak to us to confirm if rates apply to your situation.
  3. Should You Consider Permanent Insurance?: for clients considering life insurance who want to know if they should consider permanent life insurance over term insurance.
  4. Applying for Life Insurance: if you’re ready to apply for life insurance, read this to prepare.
  5. How to Prepare for Your Medical Exam: prepare in advance for your medical exam to get the best results; read this memo, and have a list of all your healthcare providers seen in the past 5 years, and a list of your medications.